Marsh comment to City Council candidate raises eyebrows

Council member Bob Marsh speaks during Tuesday's city council meeting. Marsh criticized council candidate Adam Leach for never having attended a council meeting yet wanting to serve on the council. [Bryan Mordt]

Maricopa City Councilmember Bob Marsh made a comment at the end of Tuesday’s City Council meeting that caught the attention of some in attendance.

“Mr. Vice Mayor, I’d like to recognize that we have a visitor here,” Marsh said just prior to a motion to adjourn the meeting. “Candidate Adam Leach is here for what I believe is his first-ever City Council meeting. Adam, hello.”

Marsh said Wednesday he made the comment because of statements he’s heard from Leach during his campaign for one of three open City Council seats. The primary election is Aug. 2.

“I was surprised, because at one of the candidate forums he was on the record saying he was proud that he had never been to a City Council meeting, and didn’t know how it worked, but wanted to get on (City Council).”

Leach declined to comment for this story.

Marsh said he believes the other three candidates – incumbents Interim Mayor Vincent Manfredi and Councilmembers Rich Vitiello and Henry Wade – are better candidates.

“We work well together and have proven that,” Marsh said. “We have a pretty good team up there right now. Each person brings a different perspective. We allow for mind-changing, and education, and value what the others bring to the table.”

Marsh was asked whether he thought someone else could step into that dynamic and be as effective as the existing councilmembers.

“Have you ever been on a board or in a group where one person who just didn’t fit in – they were a know-nothing or a wild hair with opinions that are off the wall and counter to all the others, and always voted the other way?” Marsh asked. “It makes it difficult to work in a group with someone like that. It’s much better and far more productive when the board is like-minded.”

Marsh said the current City Council doesn’t march in lockstep but respects each other’s opinions and positions.

“We come from all different parts of the country,” he said. “We have different ethnicities, different experiences, a variety of careers. But with our current group, it really works. I’d like to see all three of our incumbents re-elected so we can continue doing the good work we are doing.”

Editor’s note: Vincent Manfredi is an owner of InMaricopa.