Opinion: Prop. 469 would deliver better quality of life to Pinal County

Proposition 469 was a half-cent sales tax to fund Pinal County transportation, including widening State Route 347. With its failure in November, our readers suggested alternatives to improve travel on the busy highway

We can improve the quality of life in Pinal County for years to come by voting YES on Proposition 469.

Vincent Manfredi

Among many other projects, the half-cent sales tax would help expand State Route 347 to six lanes from four and give motorists another route to Interstate 10 via a new 21-mile East/West Corridor.

Pinal County transportation infrastructure is not keeping up with growth. In 2017, voters approved this transportation plan along with the sales tax to fund it. Unfortunately, special interests outside of our county sued and managed to get the tax overturned in a split decision of the Arizona Supreme Court.

Prop. 469 simply fixes the tax language to pass legal muster. It does not increase the rate.

Please Vote YES on Proposition 469.

Vincent Manfredi

Vice Mayor, City of Maricopa

Editor’s note: Vincent Manfredi is an owner of InMaricopa.