Parks, Recreation & Library committee gets new member


The Maricopa City Council has appointed a new member of the city’s Parks, Recreation and Library committee to replace Adam Leach, who stepped down to run for a seat on City Council.

Dylan Martin, a 23-year-old court clerk and Tortosa resident, was nominated by Councilmember Amber Liermann and unanimously approved at the council’s June 7 meeting.

Liermann said she appreciates Martin’s willingness to serve his community.

“Dylan has a passion for library services…(and) sees the value library services can bring to the members of our community,” Liermann said. “He currently chairs an Education committee and desires to develop further leadership skills. I was pleased to hear he wants to serve the community he lives in.”

Martin said that desire to serve led him to the appointment.

“My interest in serving this committee stems from my interest in serving the public,” Martin said. “I enjoy being able to serve the public in any way I can, and the PRL committee seemed like it was a good fit for me. I have an interest in the public library as well as the parks that the city offers to its residents.

“The city has made some great achievements in recent history, one of them being the opening of the Copper Sky complex where residents can go to enjoy a variety of activities and bring their families for some great recreational fun,” he continued. “The city has also opened up a new library center. If I can help in some small way to bring this type of development and recreation to the city and its residents, that would be a good service to the community.”

Liermann said she enjoys giving opportunities to those who show future city leadership potential.

“I value opportunities where citizens work with city staff and elected officials to recommend best practices in various areas including parks, recreation and library activities,” Liermann said. “I look forward to seeing where this opportunity may lead Dylan in the future.”

Martin, who has lived in Maricopa for most of his life after his family moved from California when he was a child, said there is one area of the job that is particularly appealing.

“If I had to pick only one aspect of the committee that I would most enjoy, it would have to be the library,” he said. “I am an avid book reader and enjoy learning a lot about a little bit of everything. The library to me is where I can go if I ever need a quiet space to read or meet with some friends and talk. With conference rooms being offered as well, it would be a good place to meet if you ever wanted to form a study group or a book club.”