The area near the city’s second high school is beginning to see the benefits of having the school in the area as developer: Emmerson Holdings, LLC of Scottsdale is planning a community of 296 single-family homes for sale at the northwest corner of Steen and Murphy roads according to pre-application documents filed with the city. The location is less than a mile south of the new school.

The property lies within Maricopa’s city limits so annexation would not be required.

According to its pre-application narrative, “Pecan Grove will provide a distinct upscale living environment for its residents. Design features, including the use of various complimentary building materials and architectural focal points will emphasize the project’s western-agrarian theme inspired by Maricopa’s Heritage District. Detached sidewalks will be provided throughout to further enhance the livability of the community. All architectural elements will tie together to provide a strong identity for the site that complements the surrounding properties as well as creating an inviting atmosphere for both residents and guests.”

The community will feature centrally located open space with areas planned for recreation amenities such as themed playgrounds with ramadas and a small dog park.

The property is currently zoned for Low Density Residential, which allows for a density of only two dwelling units per acre. In order to build the community as envisioned, a change to Medium Density Residential, which allows 2-6 dwelling units per acre, and Commercial zoning to allow the proposed land uses.

Pecan Grove Land Use Map Cropped
Scottsdale-based Emmerson Holdings is is planning Pecan Grove, a community of 296 single-family homes the northwest corner of Steen and Murphy roads. The development is less than a mile south of the new school. [Emmerson Holdings]
The property is currently home to active pecan groves. According to the documents from Emmerson, these “have been thoughtfully considered with large open space areas located over existing grove locations. We intend to salvage and replant or leave in place some of the mature pecan trees.”