Penascos owner says closure ‘a legal issue’

The owner of Penascos Mexican Restaurant responded to community reaction following news that announced the business had closed last week.

Rosalinda O’Hare, Penascos owner, said she could not share details surrounding the closure due to upcoming legal proceedings on the matter.

“I’ve always done my best with my business and put my whole heart into it – my whole family – but unfortunately I can’t say anything. Not right now,” O’Hare said.

In an article published Wednesday, the landlord who manages the retail property said he took possession of the space last week after “the tenants abandoned” it.

O’Hare disputes that.

“My family is very upset right now with seeing that because it looks like we just abandoned the building,” O’Hare said. “I’ve been here 11 years. It’s not that we abandoned the building. This is a legal issue.”

A variety of factors contributed to the restaurants closure, O’Hare explained, adding she would share what those reasons were after an unspecified legal proceeding concludes.

“We live here and we love Maricopa and I don’t want Maricopa to feel I abandoned Maricopa,” O’Hare said.

On social media, former customers said they were sad to learn the eatery closed.

Others cited issues with the restaurant including an odor from within the building that smelled like sewer, complaints against customer service and food that made them ill.

O’Hare said the restaurant has rated “excellent” with the Pinal County health department for the entirety of the 11 years it operated with help from employees who worked to keep it clean.

Looking forward, O’Hare said it is unclear whether Penascos will open again.

“I’m praying for God’s guidance, but these things are not easy,” O’Hare said.


  1. I love Penascos. It’s been one of the places in Maricopa where we take out of town guests. The food is great, the atmosphere is great and it’s one of the few places in Maricopa that actually has the ambiance of a restaurant instead of feeling like a cafeteria. We have been dining at Penascos since their very first week in business.

    Whatever the issue is, I hope it gets worked out. Best luck to Rosalinda and her family.

  2. They need a rude awakening! The last time we were there the food was so-so (mine was OK, my spouse’s was very poor). The service was terrible (it was only after the bus boy had noticed we had been there for a long time that he was able to get someone to serve us). The environment was poor (lousy tables & chairs that were marred & unsteady).
    We swore that we would never be back & now it looks like this will be true.

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