Police: Christmas assault started from PS5 argument


A man is accused of assaulting a woman on Christmas night, after she would not let him leave home with a PlayStation 5, police said. 

Nicholas L. Madlock, 32, was charged with assault (domestic violence), criminal damage (domestic violence), disorderly conduct (domestic violence) and preventing use of a telephone in an emergency (domestic violence), according to police. 

At about 11:30 p.m., Maricopa police were called to a Tortosa home on a report of a disturbance, where officers contacted Madlock and a woman. 

According to the probable cause statement, Madlock and the woman had come home from a Christmas party and gotten into an argument. 

Madlock tried to leave the residence with a PlayStation 5 video game console, but the woman tried to stop him. A physical altercation began, with both kneeing and kicking the other, police said. 

The argument continued in the kitchen, where Madlock allegedly threw an empty plastic toy container at the woman, breaking a hanging light, police said.  

According to police, Madlock then chased the woman around a table, and tried to trap her in the corner with the table. The woman crawled under the table to get away.  

Madlock had the woman’s phone, the probable cause statement said, but she was able to pick up Madlock’s phone off the floor. 

The woman went into the garage to call 911 and Madlock followed.  

According to police, Madlock pushed the woman to the ground, and took the phone away while she was talking to an emergency dispatcher. The woman found her phone in the living room and was able to call 911 again. 

The woman told police the incident woke up three children in the home. 

Madlock was arrested and charged, police said.