People buy gas at the Circle K at Honeycutt Road and North Porter Road in this 2020 file photo. [Merenzi Young]

Summer vacations are a staple of American family life. But with gas prices reaching all-time highs almost daily, something has to give – at least for some families.

According to, the average price of gas in Arizona is $5.325 per gallon; only seven states have a higher average price.

The national average gas price reached $5 per gallon Saturday for the first time in history, according to AAA. The cost per gallon jumped 19 cents in the past week alone. Gas is up $1.93 from this time last year.

There is no question the high prices to fill up are impacting many Americans. Our informal poll this week asked readers about one of those effects: “Will gas prices affect your summer travel plans?”

The answer, in short, was “yes.”

Of the 233 respondents, almost 68% said yes, it would affect their plans. About 25% said it would not impact their plans, and slightly more than 7% said their plans still are to be determined.

“Yes, it already has, staying close to home, using car as little as possible,” Ronald Bittleman commented. “Looking forward to November Mid Terms, will not be voting for a single Democrat.”

Jodi Baldwin Rocha said she is seeing the impact on those close to her.

“I know people that are choosing between buying food and buying gas,” she said. “It is a very sad situation.”

Jean McCormick Brown had a little lighter take on the situation, saying, “As long as I don’t need gas to get to the living room or backyard, no.”

Steven M. Volden said he would not be deterred from traveling this summer. “Not really – maybe if we hit $7.50” a gallon, he said.

Tamber Diefenbach summed up the feelings of many Americans.

“Sadly, I think it’s affecting more than summer plans for most families,” she said. “Especially (those) commuting to work.”