Poll: Majority of readers would like to be buried in Maricopa


Plans for Maricopa’s impending cemetery are not dead yet.  

While the city considers adding a place to bury loved ones, InMaricopa wanted to know what our readers thought of the idea, and the results are in. 

The proposed location, not yet set in stone, is along State Route 238, between North White and North Green roads.  

Given that, our question to readers in this week’s poll was: “There is no cemetery in Maricopa. Do you think there is a need for one?” 

A total of 273 people responded.  

The leading response, at 41%, was: “Yes, Maricopa is my home, and I would like to be buried here.”  

The next-greatest response was: “I’m being cremated,” which polled 35% of readers. 

Coming in last, with 24% of the vote was: “No, it would be a waste of land.” 

Apparently, no one is dying to get in. There are not yet any formal plans to add a cemetery in Maricopa however very preliminary discussions have taken place about the possibility.