Poll: Maricopans love the spring weather

Flowers along State Route 347 [Brian Petersheim Jr.]

Spring has sprung, and our readers appear to be fond of the weather.  

The season officially began on March 20, and signs of spring’s arrival are everywhere. Chilly weather is beginning to dissipate, and an explosion of vibrant color has appeared all around town, especially on the outskirts. 

Our question to readers in last week’s unscientific poll was: “March 20th marks the start of spring. What is your favorite part of the season?” 

The leading response showed that Maricopans favor the season’s mild temperatures. With 57% of votes, our readers said, “The weather”. 

Following, at 25%, of our voters like, “The flowers.” 

As it turns out, 14% of our voters either have a delightful sense of humor or they need enlightenment as they voted, “What is spring?” 

At the bottom of the response was “The sports,” with 4%. 

The National Weather Service is calling for sunny days through the weekend, with highs in the low 70s through Tuesday, when the temperature is expected to spike to 80 degrees.