NFL football and the Sunday game-day tradition has returned.

NFL football and the Sunday game-day tradition has returned. But heading into week two of the season, we wanted to see how many of our readers were glad to have the sport back this pandemic-impacted year.

As of 2 p.m. Friday, 105 people answered our informal poll, which asked: Are you happy that football is back?

About 46% of those who voted said they don’t watch the sport at all. A third of the

respondents were excited to have it back and about 22% were not.

In a Facebook post promoting the poll, readers shared gifs and images of their favorite team while others expressed their disdain for the NFL for supporting movements such as Black Lives Matter.

“NO. I now have zero interest in watching the NFL or any other sports in the near future. It may be a long time for me to become a fan again,” John Daniels wrote. “Pro sports players have shown nothing but disrespect for our Country, our military and our police.”

“For the last year athletes have proven they are irrelevant. Disrespect your country that is exactly how they will remain,” commented Tim Boyle.

A few comments reflected the majority saying they punt on football.

“I was never a big sports fan, been to a few games. I can take it or leave it. Doesn’t matter either way to me,” Joe Carpenter said.

“Back to football assumes that we watched it in the first place. You know what happens when you assume,” Matt Rowley opined. “Who cares?”