Elevations RV & Boat Storage 3
The city Planning & Zoning Commission has approved an 11-acre RV and boat storage facility on Cowtown Road east of White and Parker Road. The facility will accommodate 402 vehicles in 402 spaces, 335 of which will be covered. Photo by city of Maricopa

The Maricopa Planning & Zoning Commission unanimously approved plans Monday for an 11-acre RV and boat storage facility on Cowtown Road east of White and Parker Road. The facility will have 335 covered parking stalls, 72 uncovered stalls, a 950-square-foot office, a 1,300-ssquare-foot wash/service bay and a fully-enclosed, vehicular, storage area of approximately 8,600 square feet.

RKAA Architects submitted the request on behalf of Eagle Shadow LLC.

The entire facility will be surrounded by two-tone masonry walls for security. The primary entrance will be on Cowtown Road with another entry/exit at the south end of the facility onto what is now vacant land. Both access points will have automatic gates.

The site is designed specifically for RVs and boats with 40-foot wide driving aisles. The exterior will feature 25-foot setbacks on all sides with landscaping in the buffer area between the wall and the street around the facility.

The city will not be required to make any infrastructure or traffic enhancements to accommodate the operation.

Most of the site will be paved with the exception of the southernmost end, where a gravel surface will allow for a more budget-friendly suite of parking stalls. Lighting will be distributed throughout the site in accordance with municipal guidelines and perimeter landscaping around the site is planned.

Commissioner Rachel Leffall found the proposal appealing because it offers something to customers at all price points with both the covered and uncovered spaces. She also said she wants to be sure the facility is monitored to ensure no one is taking up residence there, and the developer agreed to take action to be sure that does not occur.

The initial wash bay will allow for exterior washing of vehicles, but not motor and chassis washing, as the facility does not yet have full sewer capabilities and the septic system cannot accommodate that kind of wastewater. The wash station will be staffed and monitored until sewer service is installed.