Editor: October magazine showcases past, present, future


While Maricopa has a prosperous future, its proud history has a few black marks. Western author and historian C.M. Curtis writes about one in our October magazine, taking us back in time to the horrible scene of a 19th-century atrocity.

A handful of local business execs take us back to their starts in the workforce and analyze today’s job market. The results of this research bridged a past-present gap when my friend John Schurz said his most meaningful job was coaching a high school girls basketball team in Chicago. Turns out, my wife went to said high school the same time John was there and knows many of his players. Small world.

Members of the Maricopa real estate community tell us about what has happened in the market of late, and what to expect in the months ahead.

There is nothing like the present for high school kids, and we chronicle some of their athletic, academic and social pursuits inside.

Our coverboy, Jim Irving, does more than his part to ensure our community’s youth have a bright future. He has given thousands of hours to students at MUSD, and that’s just one of the organizations for which he volunteers. Bob McGovern details the post-retirement career of a Maricopa gem. (Hint: He is as kind as he is generous.)

Despite the tireless efforts of Jim and others, the future for MUSD is less certain as it asks the voters to renew a budget override that allowed it to hire about 70 teachers and provide a computer for every student. Learn more on page 32.

The future for area farmers is also murky. Jay Taylor tells the story of how the drought is impacting their water rights.

If fresh snowbird BJ Lingren has her way, one lucky Maricopa family will not only have their “Best Christmas Ever” in 2021, they will be set on a path that will change generations in their family. This Minnesotan is definitely going to make her mark on Maricopa.

You will also find stories on more all-star citizens whose hobbies include cycling, quilting and breeding show dogs. Plus, our annual Health Guide with news on what Maricopans have been impatiently waiting years for — a hospital.

Thank you for reading InMaricopa.

This Editor’s Letter was first published in the October edition of InMaricopa magazine.