Bartle: Magazine marked by memories


Our editor and friend Bob McGovern recently moved to our nation’s capital. As a result, I was tapped to be editor on an interim basis. It’s a role I have not filled in several years, and being forced back in the saddle of managing the newsroom on a daily basis has brought back wonderful memories of how our company, and my role in it, has changed since we started in 2004.

Memories seem to be a theme in this edition.

Our cover story is a group of teachers who bring a global perspective to their Maricopa students. Sharing memories of growing up in their homelands is an integral part of the education they provide our youth.

The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban last month conjured up memories of what started the War on Terror two decades ago. It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since Sept. 11, 2001. A generation has passed, but the memories never will. Find reflections from fellow Maricopans inside.

August 2021 will bring painful memories for our neighbors in Gila Bend who experienced catastrophic flooding, but many Maricopans stepped up in real-time to help those in need. That story is told, predominantly in pictures.

We have a Q&A with Sgt. Hal Koozer, the first police officer hired by the city. We test Sgt. Koozer’s memory of serving our citizens as early as 2007.

We have a gallery of what undoubtedly was a memorable event for our veterans and seniors, the grand opening of the Maricopa Community Center.

Also making Maricopa memories are our high school students, and we feature many in their pursuits in academics and athletics – even those sports played in front of a computer screen.

And while none of us remember the Battle of Pima Butte, C.M. Curtis offers a really cool history lesson about the land most of us traverse daily.

Thank you for reading InMaricopa.


This letter from the editor appears in the September issue of InMaricopa.