More than a half-dozen police cruisers lined Paitilla Lane and Veracruz Drive this afternoon in a brief barricade scenario.

Maricopa Police Department received a disturbance call around 2 p.m. at a home in the Acacia Crossings neighborhood.

Heavily armed officers responded to what they were told was an ongoing barricade situation, according to police spokesperson Monica Williams.

“It means there is someone refusing to exit a home or building,” she said.

An hour later, Williams said the situation was resolved and may have been a hoax call.

“It appears everyone is safe,” she said.

In June, the FBI began tracking “swatting incidents,” a dangerous type of prank call luring excessive police response with bogus claims of mass shootings or hostage scenarios. Such calls — which the FBI calls “a form of terrorism” — are on the rise.

Some swatting calls have even led to death, NBC reported.