Construction to impact John Wayne Parkway beginning in May


City of Maricopa officials announced temporary traffic-control changes on John Wayne Parkway aimed at improving safety and traffic flow on the busy thoroughfare in preparation for the opening of the first phase of the Sonoran Desert Parkway.

Construction will begin May 8 and last until late summer or early fall. During construction, the existing traffic signals at the intersection will be removed and drivers be redirected at Ak-Chin Parkway. Drivers will be able to turn right onto southbound SR-347 from Ak-Chin Parkway. Drivers will not be permitted to turn left onto northbound SR-347 from Ak-Chin Parkway. Drivers will not be able to turn left from northbound SR-347 onto Ak-Chin Parkway.

The city will maintain access to Ak-Chin Parkway from southbound SR- 347.

Traffic Control Change at John Wayne Parkway and Sonoran Desert Parkway

During construction, drivers looking to make left-hand turns onto and away from Ak-Chin Parkway are directed to Farrell Road, where there is a full-access signal available to ensure safe travel. This will allow the city to maintain the highest level of access during construction, while also protecting public safety.

City officials are reminding drivers to be cautious and alert when driving through construction zones along John Wayne Parkway. Additional traffic enforcement measures will be in place, including an increased police presence, and violations in the construction zone may result in fines being doubled.

This $30-million-dollar project funded by the city will provide for greater access, safety and portability of our traveling public.

If you have further questions, contact Quinn Konold the Communications and Cultural Services Director at the City of Maricopa at 520-316-6856 or [email protected].