Polls have closed. The count begins

Primary 2020 Election Sticker
An "I Voted" sticker sits in the parking lot of the poll at Pima Butte Elementary School in Rancho El Dorado during Tuesday's primary election. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

The polls have closed and now the count begins for the 2020 primary election.

Pinal County Elections Department will again have a livestream of the counting room.

The ballot featured races for Maricopa City Council (for those who live in the city limits), Arizona Legislature, Arizona Corporation Commission, county offices and congressional offices.

There are three council seats open and six candidates. Any council candidates who receive a majority of the vote are elected outright and will not need to go on to the General Election. That formula is the total number of votes cast divided by three, that number divided in half and added to one.

In Legislative District 11, the Republican candidates do not have primary challengers. On the Democratic side, however, two are vying for the seat of state senator.

For the Arizona Corporation Commission, a raft of Republicans unable to validate enough signatures for the ballot left the party one shy of enough for a full slate of three in the primary, guaranteeing that at least one Democrat will take one of the available seats. Who that will be won’t be discerned until the General Election.

Nancy Smith talks about Election Day 2020

We catch Vice Mayor Nancy Smith – City of Maricopa outside the Maricopa Community Church polling station on Election Day! Nancy shares her experiences and what she will take away from this year's City of Maricopa, Arizona – Government council race.

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Amber Liermann shares her campaign experiences

We talk to Amber Liermann for Maricopa City Council at the Maricopa Community Church polling location. Amber shares her campaign experiences and lessons learned in the City of Maricopa, Arizona – Government election.

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Julia Gusse is ready on Election Day 2020

Campaign For Julia Romero Gusse was out this afternoon at the Maricopa Community Church polling location to talk about the journey of running for City of Maricopa, Arizona – Government council, the importance of local elections, and the impact of COVID-19.@

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The only county office that is contested at the primary level is assessor, with two Republicans running.

The election could look much different this year with many more voters voting early or via absentee ballot due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Primary 2020 Maricopa Wells
Voters walk into the Precinct 101 polling place on Tuesday morning at Maricopa Wells Middle School on West Honeycutt Avenue. The polls are open until 7 p.m. Photo by Kyle Norby

Registered voters who did not vote by early ballot may vote in person at their respective Maricopa area polling place:

Precinct 30 – Maricopa
Desert Wind Middle School, 35565 W. Honeycutt Road

Precinct 54 – Thunderbird Farms
Thunderbird Fire Department Building, 12356 N. Ralston Road

Precinct 73 – Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa Elementary School, 21400 N. Santa Rosa Drive

Precinct 74 – El Dorado
Pima Butte Elementary School, 42202 W. Rancho El Dorado Parkway

Precinct 77 – Ak-Chin Community
Ak-Chin Service Center, 48227 W. Farrell Road

Precincts 78 & 79 – Maricopa Meadows and Maricopa Fiesta
Maricopa Community Church, 44977 W. Hathaway Ave.

Precinct 80 – Province
Global Water Resources, 22590 N. Powers Parkway

Precinct 90 – Senita
Maricopa Unified School District Administration, 44150 W. Maricopa-Casa Grande Hwy.

Precinct 100 – Desert Cedars
First Baptist Church of Maricopa, 18705 N. John Wayne Parkway

Precinct 101 – Alterra North
Maricopa Wells Middle School, 45725 W. Honeycutt Ave.

Precinct 102 – Maricopa Wells
Central Arizona College, 17945 W. Regent Drive