Wild and colorful horses to roam the city (GALLERY)

Wild Horses Nieves Family
"Celestial" Artist: Bonnie DelTurco Sponsor: The Ray Nieves Family Location: Copper Sky Recreation Complex Photo by Victor Moreno

“Maricopa Wild Horses,” an arts initiative by City Manager Rick Horst, was unveiled Thursday at City Hall. Ten sculptures of horses decorated by local artists were presented to the public. Over the next six weeks, the pieces of art will be placed at locations around the city.

There were 49 designs submitted by 28 artists submitted for the program. In conjunction with the Cultural Affairs and Arts Advisory Council, the city selected designs by 10 artists.

With additional rounds to follow, there will eventually be 50 or more of the horse sculptures in locations around town.

Here are the 10 works selected for the first round:

Wild Horses Copper Turquoise Skies
“Copper Turquoise Skies”
Photo by Victor Moreno

Copper Turquoise Skies
Artist: Kimberly Mask
Sponsor: Be Awesome Coalition
Location: Maricopa Elementary School

Wild Horses Nieves Family
Photo by Victor Moreno

Artist: Bonnie DelTurco
Sponsor: The Ray Nieves Family
Location: Copper Sky Recreation Complex

Wild Horses Party Horse
“Party Horse”
Photo by Victor Moreno

Party Horse
Artist: Cindey Reyes
Sponsor: City of Maricopa
Location: Pacana Park

Wild Horses Desert Freedom
“Desert Freedom”
Photo by Victor Moreno

Desert Freedom
Artist: Riley Burke
Sponsor: City of Maricopa
Location: John Wayne Parkway at Edison Road

Wild Horses Oasis at the Wells
“Pieces of Our Past Windows to Our Future”
Photo by Jay Taylor

Pieces of Our Past Windows to Our Future
Artist: Kristal C. Coles
Sponsor: Englewood Group
Location: Oasis at the Wells

Wild Horses Maricopa Library
“Friends of Maricopa Library”
Photo by Victor Moreno

Friends of the Maricopa Library
Artist: Cindy Koontz
Sponsors: Philip “McD” Hartman Family, Oliver and Hermina Anderson, and David and Barbara Brady
Location: Maricopa Library and Cultural Center

Wild Horses Patriot
Photo by Victor Moreno

Artist: Kristal Melody Hoeh
Sponsor: Daughters of the American Revolution
Location: Maricopa police substation, Copper Sky

Wild Horses Worth Crowing About
“Worth Crowing About”
Photo by Jay Taylor

Worth Crowing About
Artist: Susan E. Cameron
Sponsors: Friends and Family of Anthony Smith
Location: Pinal County Offices on Wilson Avenue

Wild Horses Maricopa Rising
“Maricopa Rising”
Photo by Victor Moreno

Maricopa Rising
Artist: Mai May Tallwing
Sponsors: Rose Law Group
Location: Maricopa City Complex

Wild Horses Wild Sonoran
“Wild Sonoran”
Photo by Jay Taylor

Wild Sonoran
Artist: Maria Pour
Sponsors: State Farm Courtny Tyler
Location: Maricopa Grand Professional Village, Smith-Enke Road