Photo by Michelle Chance

The City of Maricopa, along with the Fire/Medical Department, hosted its fifth annual Water Safety Day Friday at the Copper Sky Aquatic Center. Families learned the “ABC’s of water safety” from MFMD’s Carlos Schulz, as well as other drowning prevention tips from the department including CPR training.

The ABC’s of water safety are:

A: Adult Supervision

“If adults have direct, eye-to-eye contact (with children), it’s almost impossible for a young one to drown,” Schulz said.

B: Barriers

“The more difficult it is for an infant or child to get into a water source, the less likely it is to drown,” Shulz said, adding, alarms on a pool fence and the back door can save a child’s life.

C: Classes

“All parents should know CPR,” Shulz said. “If they haven’t taken the CPR class recently, they may need to enroll in one so that as the standards change they stay up-to-date on the newest things.”

The City of Maricopa Community Services offers a CPR and first-aid class once every month. For more information visit



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