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Monday, August 10, 2020

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SR347 @ Smith Enke

SR347 @ Riggs

SR347 @ Maricopa-CG

SR347 @ Farrell

SR347 @ Honeycutt

SR347 @ CasaBlanca

SR347 @ Gravel Pit

SR347 @ Cobblestone North

SR347 @ Edison

SR347 @ Alterra


Truck flips, spills on SR 347 at Riggs

A semi-truck hauling dirt flipped over on State Route 347 and Riggs Road this morning. A number of people driving in the vicinity of the...

Update: SR 347 roadwork to cause full closure

Upcoming roadwork on State Route 347 this weekend will cause closure of a section of the road and an interstate ramp. As previously reported, Arizona...

SR 347 lane restriction planned Saturday

  The Arizona Department of Transportation advises drivers to plan ahead for lane restrictions on State Route 347 west of the Interstate 10 interchange from...

ADOT taking bids to install traffic signal on SR 347

  Bidding is open for the installation of traffic lights on State Route 347 at Old Maricopa Road. The intersection currently has a left-turn lane from...

ADOT data paint picture of SR 347 driving habits

  There were 308 traffic crashes on State Route 347 in 2019, according to data from the Arizona Department of Transportation. Those resulted in 143 injuries...

Construction starts on Bowlin crossing

The City of Maricopa has started construction of a crossing over the Santa Cruz Wash  on Bowlin Road next to Rancho Mirage Estates. Using money...

A year later: Overpass ‘opens up the city,’ allows a sigh of relief

By Bob McGovern and Kyle Norby For years, the train tracks passing through town were the go-to excuse for many Maricopa students looking to delay...

Overpass at 1: Bridge bypassed the tracks – and some businesses, too

The overpass is generally considered a huge success for the city, but there was collateral damage for some businesses working in the shadows of...

Overpass at 1: $55 million project spurs commercial, residential development

The overpass is a bridge to the city’s future. City Manager Rick Horst makes his point by underlining the considerable commercial development underway or on...

Crash at SR 347 and Honeycutt Avenue

Maricopa police, firefighters and EMS responded to a crash at SR 347 and Honeycutt Avenue just before noon Monday. There were no serious injuries,...


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