Editor's note: Responses are presented in the order they were received.

Vincent Manfredi

Maricopan since: 2010

Community: Maricopa Meadows

Favorite place in town: My home, when I have time to relax.

Favorite activity in town: There are so many, but outside of spending time with family, it is sitting on the dais for a council meeting.

Describe Maricopa in 2043: In my opinion, in 20 years, Maricopa will be a place where citizens can work, recreate and live knowing their family is safe. I hope it is where my daughters buy homes and I get to spend a ton of time with my future grandchildren.

What is Maricopa doing well?
Maricopa is living within its means and working hard to build a future we can be proud of.

What changes do your constituents want to see?
I believe residents want more jobs, fixes to SR 347 and better roads around town. Although not a “change,” I believe they want continued fiscal responsibility.

Editor’s note: Vincent Manfredi is an owner of InMaricopa.

Nancy Smith

Maricopan since: Pre-incorporation

Favorite place and things to do in town: Our park system is extremely impressive and one of my favorite places to spend time with family. We have two large parks, Pacana and Copper Sky, and recently opened two new dog parks to enjoy with our pets. Soon, we’ll be opening another new park at The Lakes in Rancho El Dorado. For such a young city, we’ve been blessed with lovely places to play.

Describe Maricopa in 2043: In this year’s budget, we’ve included the goal to complete a master plan for an industrial park that provides a vision for companies to consider. I’d certainly like to see multiple companies fill this park by 2043.

What changes do your constituents want to see?
One of our highest priorities is our partnership with the Maricopa Economic Development Alliance to bring more high-paying jobs to our city.

Amber Liermann

Maricopan since: 2004

Community: Alterra

Favorite places in town: City Hall, Copper Sky Park, Maricopa High School and Plaza Bonita restaurant.

Favorite activity in town: I enjoy spending time with family and friends and serving the community when I have the opportunity.

Describe Maricopa in 2043: Maricopa in 2043 will be double in population with many more amenities and opportunities to live, work, play and worship.

What is Maricopa doing well?
Maricopa is fighting for improved safety by advocating in every arena for transportation expansion.

What changes do your constituents want to see?
Constituents want to see continued safety, improvement in roads and infrastructure.

Eric Goettl

Maricopan since: 2004

Community: The Villages

Favorite activity in town: We love to enjoy nice nights on the edge of town, admiring the beautiful sunsets and night sky views.

Describe Maricopa in 2043: In the city of Maricopa 2040 Vision, I totally agree with one of the opening paragraphs: “The city of Maricopa is a family-friendly, vibrant community that offers diverse opportunities in culture, technology, education, business, entrepreneurship, transportation, entertainment and recreation for all ages. A close-knit community of committed leaders, engaged citizens, and diverse partners with pride in our history, and a shared vision for a prosperous future.” While we still have areas to improve on, we have done very well over the past seven years to make this vision a reality. The next 20 years will bring a next level of growth and services to our city.

What changes do your constituents want to see?
We are working hard to fix our transportation and infrastructure challenges, bring more careers — not just jobs — and industry to our city, and keep us among the top 10 safest cities to live and play.

Rich Vitiello

Maricopan since: 2005

Community: Cobblestone

Favorite place in town: I love Copper Sky Park.

Favorite activity in town: Eating at Brooklyn Boys, Helen’s Kitchen, Roots and working off what I ate at Copper Sky.

Describe Maricopa in 2043: A destination for sports, recreation & open trails & Parks for our families to enjoy. A place where folks can live and work locally, without traveling long distances to their employer or business.

What is Maricopa doing well? I believe we are investing resources and getting good results in our public safety, parks and recreation (not just Copper Sky), and providing a safe place for our families to live and prosper. We’re getting there.

What changes do your constituents want to see?
I listen to people tell me they want more businesses and jobs so they can work here, in Maricopa; more restaurants; better schools; fewer rental apartments, and more affordable homes such as condos, duplexes & senior living to buy, not rent. I hear from pet owners wanting more dog parks. And, of course, there isn’t a person who doesn’t tell me they want the 347 fixed.

Editor’s note: This question panel was provided to Maricopa City Council Aug. 28. Vice Mayor Vitiello submitted his responses 33 days passed the Sept. 1 deadline and was not included in the October print edition nor the original publication of this web article.

Bob Marsh

Maricopan since: 2010

Community: Desert Cedars, just north of Copper Sky. It’s a great subdivision – awesome people, fully built-out, and walking distance to city events at the regional park.

Favorite place in town: It’s a three-way tie between home, City Hall, and meeting friends at Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers

Favorite activity in town: City Council meetings, events at Copper Sky, and volunteering on the Pinal County Water Augmentation Authority Board of Directors, the Pinal County Board of Adjustments and Appeals, and the Desert Cedars HOA Board.

Describe Maricopa in 2043:

    •  POPULATION: In 20 years, barring unforeseen events/disasters, the population of Maricopa will be around 230,000, assuming an average growth rate of 6% per annum.
    • SCHOOLS: Maricopa Unified School District schools and charter schools will have grown in number considerably to support the population growth.
    • COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY: Central Arizona College Maricopa Campus and the University of Arizona Maricopa Campus will likely employ over 2,000 people in research, education, and staff positions, and will have more than 20,000 registered students.
    • HIGHWAYS/ROADS: Interstate 11 will connect west Maricopa to the west side of Phoenix. State highway 347 will connect north central Maricopa to Chandler and Interstate 10, with 4 lanes in each direction. Smith Enke/Seed Farm Road will connect northeast Maricopa to Interstate 10 with a 4-lane parkway. The Sonoran Desert Parkway will connect central Maricopa to Interstate 10, Coolidge, and the county seat in Florence. The northwest loop road will connect the 347 with SR238, and the northeast loop road will connect the 347 to northeast Maricopa, Murphy Road, and the U of A campus.
    • VILLAGES: Several villages will be built within Maricopa’s expanded boundaries, each with local schools, stores, offices, electric vehicle charging stations, dog parks, people parks, and more.
    • MAJOR EMPLOYERS: Maricopa’s four industrial parks will employ a significant percentage of the city’s residents.
    • POLICE/FIRE/MEDICAL: The police force will have nearly 400 sworn officers and over 260 civilian employees. Fire and Medical will have over 280 sworn firefighters and over 50 civilians.
    • HOSPITALS: A full-service regional hospital will be centrally located in the city, with world-class acute care and maternity services.
    • CEMETERY: A beautiful cemetery will be built in the city so we don’t have to leave town when we pass away.
    • CITY TAXES: City Council will have continued to reduce tax rates every year for those 20 years.

What is Maricopa doing well? We’re growing nicely to fill out our planning area, enabling awesome lifestyle choices for residents, and managing our city’s finances, resources, and infrastructure responsibly.

What changes do your constituents want to see? Residents have indicated that they want more infrastructure and services options including more and better roads, highways, hiking/walking/running/biking pathways, dog parks, internet connectivity, hospitals, medical specialties, entertainment venues, recreation choices, local shopping/grocery stores, and a Costco, a Sam’s Club, and a Trader Joe’s.

Editor’s note: This question panel was provided to Maricopa City Council Aug. 28. Councilmember Marsh submitted his responses 39 days passed the Sept. 1 deadline and was not included in the October print edition nor the original publication of this web article.

Henry Wade

Maricopan since: 2006

Community: Glenwilde

Favorite place in town: The road into (Beginning) and out (Ending) of the city.

Favorite activity in town: Active City Council meetings. I have only missed one in 10years.

Describe Maricopa in 2043: If we stay on the current trajectory, we will have 150,000 Maricopians, the 347 will finally have six lanes. Tortosa will be built out and all my sons will have children to visit me at the Veterans memorial section of the community cemetery.

What is Maricopa doing well? Controlling the narrative. We have had some great visionaries throughout Maricopa’s short life, and I see us continuing to produce quality leadership.

What changes do your constituents want to see? My constituents want to see greater diversity, equality, and inclusion, especially those 25 years and below.

Editor’s note: This question panel was provided to Maricopa City Council Aug. 28. Councilmember Wade submitted his responses 40 days passed the Sept. 1 deadline and was not included in the October print edition nor the original publication of this web article.

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  1. dog park is in need of city fixing issues after all a list of issues was presented to council in september and still waiting for fixes much like rt 347 north and smith enke. what is issue with council u state issues but no action why?