BODYCAM: Police agitator Zane Kane called police brutality after this arrest


Maricopa PD arrested 52-year-old police agitator Zane Kane, a former massage therapist and Guiness World Record holder, near Bashas’ April 1 after he allegedly burglarized a home in the city.

We interviewed Kane last month, who said, “I literally thought this guy was going to kill me,” of the arresting officer.

“I thought he was going to pull over and shoot me,” Kane said.

Kane alleged police officers tortured him, a claim MPD strongly refutes.

“The guy was beating me with a baton,” Kane told us. There’s no evidence of a beating in the bodycam video.

The charges related to the April incident were dropped. But Kane has a lengthy criminal record in metro Phoenix over the last decade: obstructing police, resisting arrest, failing to appear in court, lying to police, criminal trespass and plenty more.

We recently obtained body-worn camera footage relating to Kane’s arrest in Maricopa. Do you think his allegations of police brutality hold up against the evidence?


  1. Why are we giving this man such a large platform? We couldn’t find something more positive to occasionally write about that we have to focus on this twice and give him such unneeded and undeserved attention?!

    • Because there are so many people who immediately discredit the police when they hear “police violence.” The facts are right there, no questions.
      In my mind this just gives extra attention to our MPD and how well they handled this particular situation.