Maricopa police arrested a man accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend before running through the city’s main throughfare in an attempted escape Monday afternoon. 

Cops arrested 36-year-old Paris A. Vance after he led cops on a foot chase across John Wayne Parkway, according to a probable cause statement obtained by InMaricopa.  

It was just after 5 p.m. when officers responded to a home on West Vineyard Street in Cobblestone Farms on a report of Vance trying to enter his ex-girlfriend’s home.  

The ex-girlfriend had an order of protection against Vance and said she received 16 calls from a blocked number before he showed up at her house.  

The woman said Vance repeatedly rang the doorbell and tried to open the security door, according to police documents. She provided video footage that showed Vance with his ear to the door, as if he was trying to listen inside the home. 

In a search of the area, police found Vance hopping out of a fenced backyard on North Gibson Drive near Cobblestone Farms Drive and John Wayne Parkway, according to the police. An officer lit Vance up with his cruiser’s spotlight, and Vance made a run for it. 

An officer chased Vance on foot and yelled several times for him to stop running before Vance reportedly ran across John Wayne Parkway. The officer noted several drivers swerved and slowed down to avoid hitting Vance. 

Vance eventually surrendered and was arrested just before 6:30 p.m. 

Vance was booked into the Pinal County jail on two felony counts of resisting arrest and stalking, and four misdemeanor counts of aggravated harassment, obstructing a public throughfare, criminal nuisance and criminal trespass in the first degree. 

He faces nearly eight years in prison.