An internet famous competitive eater and foodie influencer stopped by a local bar recently and cleaned out its fish fry. 

Fish Fry Friday came early for The Roost Sports Bar & Cafe on John Wayne Parkway when Joel Hansen, a YouTube star who has garnered nearly 800,000 subscribers and 250 million views, stopped by one Wednesday last month. 

“He literally ate us out of our fish fry,” said Owner Ralph Skrzypczak. “Thank goodness, he showed up on Wednesday and we were able to restock before our unlimited Fish Fry Fridays.” 

Hansen’s channel is packed with more than 1,100 mukbang videos, like a 190-ounce steak, 48 inches of lobster rolls and a 40-inch pizza.  

The man whose stomach seemingly never fills is dubbed Canada’s No. 1 competitive eater and holds several food-related records including a Guinness World Record. 

His video recorded at The Roost has not yet been released, but it will soon.