Marla Baker owns Maricopa We Care, a nonmedical homecare agency that sends caregivers to patients’ homes to take care of their daily needs.

Allowing patients, who are usually elderly, or disabled to get help with cooking, cleaning and hygiene from the comfort of their own home was the plan from the start for Baker.

The idea was hatched in Wisconsin, Baker’s home before moving to Maricopa around 12 years ago. Baker’s great aunt, who had no children, went into a nursing home just down the street from Baker’s house.

“I kept telling myself, you’ve got to go visit her. And when I did, it broke my heart,” Baker said. “I instantly became attached to my great aunt and wanted to take her out of there.”

Baker received guardianship of her great aunt but did not get the chance to remove her from the home before she suffered a fall and later died.

After seeing the unsafe conditions in some nursing homes and the thought that there are elderly people without loved ones, Baker decided to make a change and leave her mark in the homecare industry.

New city, new business
In Milwaukee, Baker began building her business portfolio. She owned a hair salon for 16 years and a daycare center for seven years.

In 2011, looking for a warmer place, Baker moved to Arizona. The ball began rolling for Baker and Maricopa We Care in 2017. Two years later, Baker got a big break when she earned a contract with Mercy Care.

“We have been going strong ever since,” Baker said.

Another project Baker is planning is an “adopt a senior” nonprofit organization. Like adopting a child or big brother, adopting

a senior would give those who may feel alone a family.

“We are trying to reach as many [people] as we can to have someone there for them,” Baker said.

Baker currently operates out of her home, and Maricopa We Care has already expanded into Glendale and Mesa.

Maricopa We Care is also expanding its offering of services.

Baker pointed out that her staff recently earned a home healthcare license from Arizona.

“We will be sending in CNAs, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and speech therapists,” she said. “We are moving forward and trying to get contracted with Medicaid and Medicare right now.

“I like older people. I like to get into their head and get some of their knowledge and wisdom.”


This content was previously published in the June issue of InMaricopa Magazine.