Man floods home hours after release from prison

Damon Tardif [PCSO]
Damon Tardif [PCSO]

Hours after his release from prison, a Maricopa man ended up right where he started after flooding a house and fighting a garage door, police said. 

Maricopa Police Department arrested 25-year-old Damon A. Tardif Monday evening at a Rancho El Dorado home, according to a probable cause statement obtained by InMaricopa.

Tardif was released from prison earlier that day and celebrated by drinking Fireball, cops said. Feeling its effects, he stuffed clothing in a bathroom sink and left the water running, causing a flood. 

According to the probable cause statement, he downed some more cinnamon whiskey and passed out. When his family confronted him about the flood, Tardif allegedly threatened his stepfather and younger brother. 

Tardif punched and damaged the garage door, according to police. 

Tardif surrendered when officers arrived. He said he knew he violated his probation terms. 

Tardif was booked into the Pinal County jail on four domestic violence charges. He faces two years in jail. 

According to court records, Tardif has been arrested more than a dozen times before on an array of charges including several for shoplifting and criminal trespass. 

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