Maricopans are split on participation in a months-long boycott of Bud Light, according to an informal poll of more than 1,200 people by InMaricopa. 

A controversial collab with transgender TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney brewed the Bud Light boycott in April. Evidence shows that things seem to be stabilizing for local restauranteurs.  

In April, Native Grill & Wings on North John Wayne Parkway saw a 20% drop in Bud Light sales. 

“But over the last three months, everything here has been back to normal,” restaurant owner Mike Wheeler said in an August interview. “Bud Light bottles are still down about 10%, but that’s not bad.” 

InMaricopa asked our readers if they’ve boycotted the embattled brewer. 

One-third of the more than 1,200 Maricopa residents who voted said they don’t care about the Bud Light boycott, and that it has not changed their habits. 

“I don’t get why people would or wouldn’t buy something based on who is doing the commercial,” Melanie Schaar commented. “Who cares who they paid. You buy the product because you like it.” 

Another one-third of voters said they wouldn’t be caught dead with a can of Bud Light. “Bud Light boycott for sure. Anytime anywhere,” commented Rick Mason.  

“Go woke, go broke,” commented Jim Dahl. 

One in 5 people said they never drank Bud Light to begin with. “Bud Light’s disgusting anyways,” Ingeborg A. Gonzalez Wilhelm commented. “Might as well drink water.” 

About 8% of voters said they have started buying more Bud Light since the boycott started. A miniscule 1% of voters said they jumped on the bandwagon early but believe it has run its course. 

Three percent of voters responded, “What boycott?”