At 60 years old, Wayne Brewster has embraced a new chapter in Maricopa, where he’s been a resident for just over a year and a month.  

What makes Maricopa special for Wayne is its small-town charm mixed with the convenience of being just 40 minutes away from the bustling city life of Chandler and Tempe. This balance between peace and accessibility captures the essence of Maricopa’s appeal. 

Wayne’s journey took him from California to Maricopa, where he’s now enjoying his well-deserved retirement. Although he humbly claims not to be particularly interesting, his story of being an electrical contractor, a dirt bike enthusiast, and someone who values financial stability paints a picture of a responsible and hardworking individual. 

In this diverse town of Maricopa, Wayne Brewster’s story is another reminder of the unique backgrounds that make up the community.  

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