Nominated for state award, local rapper uses music to overcome

Alex Medrano writes about his adopted home of Maricopa. Photo by Jim Headley

A 27-year-old custodian is seeking to make some noise in the rap world.

Alex Medrano spends his days as a janitor at Butterfield Elementary, a job he really loves, but his real passion is rap music and love for his city.

His passion for music is beginning to propel him onto stages and into awards. His music is bright, catchy, interesting and flowing. He’s quickly becoming an inspiration to those who love rap.

Medrano, known as BG Boss on stage, said rap fills his soul. He’s been honing his craft for the past decade.

“I’ve been performing in public for six years. I had to take that risk,” he said. “I like where I’m at right now. I’m in a good position.”

Alex’s older sister, Yuri Medrano, said her brother has always been musical.

“He is very passionate about rapping. He has always been into music. When he raps he is more comfortable with himself and more confident. It helps him a lot. It is his way of communicating with the world,” she said.

Alex Medrano is an MC rapper, and he’s got a deep message.

“Think before you react,” he said. “I hear music on the radio. They’re all about partying, and that’s cool. It’s good to have fun in music. I have fun in music, but then there’s my serious side. You know the real side of me.”

He just “dropped” an independent album titled “Highly Anticipated” in a deal with Rockstar Entertainment. The album is available through According to Arizona Mixtapes (AZMT) in Phoenix, Medrano’s album was nominated for Lyricist of the Year and Album of the Year in its annual awards voted on by the public in December.

“When I was younger, I used to get bullied a lot. Basically, I took the anger and put it on paper instead of doing action. That’s how I released my feelings at that time. I was actually a good kid, you know. My brother is the one who kept me out of trouble,” he said.

Medrano writes songs about a lot of different subjects, including “metaphor-” and “true life-” inspired songs.

“Real-life songs about the struggle and what is going on in our society as well. It opens people’s minds. It’s kind of like saying, ‘wake up,’” Medrano said.

One of his songs on the new album is “520 in Arizona,” which is very much about something he dearly loves, the city of Maricopa.

“I’m originally from California. Once I moved down here, it opened a lot of doors. That’s why I represent Arizona. Now it’s about my family. They opened a lot of opportunities as well. I feel good when I’m in Maricopa. Maricopa is like my home,” he said.

He did weekly rapping videos while producing his album. After he released the album, he did his own show in Phoenix. He said Rockstar Entertainment is teaching him moves behind the scenes.

“I’m a lyricist and that’s what my music is about. I’m going to take this risk – you only live once. I’m going against the best but, win or lose, I keep my head up high. We’re all winners.”

He usually performs “a cappella” but sometimes to a beat.

“I just think about metaphors. With my rhyme schemes, I name drop a lot of artists or a line from a movie. People sometimes don’t get it. I find anything,” Medrano said, adding his inspiration for most of his rap music is “his whole day in Maricopa, the city he represents and is proud of.”

When he was younger Alex was bullied for being blind in one eye, a condition he was born with.

“He is blind in his right eye,” Yuri said. “Rapping has made him come out of his shell. He was more timid when he was younger. For a time, I know he has battled with anxiety. When he raps he forgets about the rest of the world and every worry.”

She added that Alex is pretty good at what he does and is also a nice guy.

“He loves to help others. His rapping helps him communicate and helps him overcome a lot. He’s always been into music, even when he was little. All his toys were always (musical) instruments. He’s always been into singing. When he was 3 or 4 years old he would use a toy microphone. Now that I see him rapping I knew he was something and I hope that he becomes bigger. He is so passionate and so good at it,” she said.

Alex said he is grateful for the support he receives from his family, fiancée and son.

“Even my little son, he supports me. He looks up to me and he gives me motivation,” Medrano said.

This story appears in the January issue of InMaricopa.