This year’s Emmy Awards might swap red carpets and ballgowns for cowboy hats and commutes to Maricopa.  

The iconic TV awards show, now in its 75th year, tapped Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb’s viral YouTube video posted May 28. 

The sheriff’s office produced “Left lane campers BUSTED” as a public service announcement: The left lane is for passing only. And that’s the law (yes, even on the 347). 

The short racked up more than 600,000 views in just two months. 

Lamb has one thing in common with plenty of Maricopa drivers, it seems. 

“One of my pet peeves is people camping in the left lane,” Lamb said in the video. “I’m out here doing God’s work today.” 

The video was nominated for the “Best Single Spot PSA” award, the sheriff’s office said in a statement today.  

This is not the first time PCSO has taken to the roads to educate about left lane camping. Last year the message was made a bit closer to home, filmed on State Route 347. 

Watch Sheriff Lamb’s Emmy-nominated video here: