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A house on Pershing Street has been ready for demolition for months.


Four properties in the Heritage District now have permits for demolition as part of the city’s anti-blight campaign.

Public Works received permits to demolish homes on Pershing Street, Burkett Avenue and Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway. In July, the city council agreed to move forward on the demolition of three of the properties. Public Works Director Bill Fay said federal grant-funded projects take longer to execute than local demolitions.

“The next step is the procurement of a demolition contractor,” he said. “We have to go through the process of making sure they are federally compliant.”

City Hall has been without a procurement specialist, which has also slowed the process. The demolition permits are good through July and can be extended.

The city does not own the properties but is paying for the demolition through a Community Development Block Grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The property at 19514 N. Pershing St. belongs to Miguel “Mike” Diaz. The property at 44378 W. Maricopa-Casa Grande Hwy. belongs to Lucia Gastelum. The property at 44548 W. Burkett Ave. belongs to Edgar Pimentel, and the property at 44536 W. Burkett Ave. belongs to Palo Brea LLC.

In coincidental but unrelated activity, Arizona Department of Transportation intends to begin tearing down structures on properties it owns in the Heritage District in February to make way for the overpass. Actual construction of the overpass is expected to begin later in February, delayed by Ames Construction’s continuing work on an earlier project.

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Maricopa city employees are already moving into the new Public Works building at the end of Edison Road, though it is not quite finished. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

The new Maricopa Public Works and Fire Department building on Edison Road has nearly been completed and will see employees slowly move in before its opening on Feb. 9.

The new building brings Maricopa residents another step closer to the eventual Estrella Gin Business Park that is planned for the area southwest of Acacia Crossing on Edison Road. Employees from Maricopa’s Public Works Department’s “street crew” will relocate to the building as well as members of the MFD maintenance crew.

“We’ve got substantial use of the building already,” Public Works Director Bill Fay said. “We have employees there now and more coming over by February.”

The building is expected to mostly serve as a maintenance facility. Fire maintenance will repair vehicles at the new location, and members of the street crew will use the building as a dispatching and maintenance area.

“Think of the building as being split into thirds,” Fay said. “One-third will be for Maricopa Fire’s maintenance team to use like a mechanic shop. The middle-third will house some administration for the Public Works Department, but also serve as a maintenance area. The last-third will house the street crew. However, they will spend very little time there as they are often out in the city.”

The building will officially open when the city holds a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Feb. 9 at 5 p.m.

MFD's Rodney Davenport “lifting” a fire truck in the new facility. City of Maricopa photo
MFD’s Rodney Davenport “lifting” a fire truck in the new facility. City of Maricopa photo

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Maricopa city crews refresh road markings on Honeycutt Road. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

By Adam Wolfe

As the city of Maricopa officials develop their plans for the next 25 years, the Development Services Department is continuing to push forward toward its goals of expanding transportation and accessibility for the city.

Development Services had set an 18-month timeframe to complete a study regarding the city’s needs and goals for the future. The study was broken into two parts (Phase I and Phase II), and the overall cost of the study is $577,580. Nearly six months into the study, the department is right on schedule.

“Believe it or not, we are concluding Phase I of the area transportation plan,” Transportation Planner David Maestas said. “This is comprised of the ‘Transportation Master Plan’ and the ‘Regional Connectivity Plan.’”

Much like the city itself, the Development Services Departments has also broken up its goals over the next 25 years. With so many moving pieces needing to fall into place, Maestas said it would be impossible to set the goals on any shorter of a timeframe – everything from road upgrades to transit routes that don’t exist yet play important roles in the city’s future planning.

The goals for transit are divided by the decade. For 2020, the department hopes to expand on the existing COMET shuttle services. A key factor for the city to continue growing is for Maricopa to continue supporting Valley Metro vanpool services to and from the Phoenix area. This not only helps commuters get to work, but it also eventually will allow more people to come see Maricopa.

“We have 2020 recommendations and 2030 recommendations that actually introduce the express route service into the Phoenix metro area,” Wilson & Company Transportation Planning Manager Dan Marum said, “then taking that even a step further, adding to that express service into Phoenix. Then, expanding the local fixed route service all the way to the eastern edge of the growth area, and then implementing a supplemental circulator service that would compliment access to that regional connection.”

By 2040, the look and feel of Maricopa will have likely changed dramatically. In order to sustain the expected growth, transportation will need to change dramatically as well. Development Services hopes to not only make it easy for Maricopa commuters to get to Phoenix, but to make Maricopa a transportation hub for traffic coming in and out of the city.

If the Development Services Department stays on track, Maricopa could not only see the growth of transit services in place within Maricopa, but the implementation of express route services to the Valley Metro Transit System. By 2040, “Park and Ride” transportation centers could be developed for mass transportation to and from the Phoenix metropolitan area. At that point, Maricopa wouldn’t just be a suburb of Phoenix, but an economic power in the area.

All of this, of course, is speculative and years away. The plans set forth now could one day lead to Maricopa being an economic power, but it is the small changes that will lead to the major ones. Phase II is expected to last approximately a year.

Maricopa is studying the likely areas of traffic growth in and around the community.
Maricopa is studying the likely areas of traffic growth in and around the community.