Dwarf cars, sky islands and spectacular sunsets. These are just a few of Roger Naylor’s favorite things.  

The renowned travel writer highlighted some amazing Arizona finds during a Maricopa Historical Society meeting at the library Monday.  

More than 60 MHS members listened attentively as Naylor shared his story of falling in love with the state as well as selections from his newest book, Amazing Arizona: 200 Amazing Facts about the Grand Canyon State. 

“We touched down at that little Flagstaff airport, I stepped off the plane and smelled that pine-scented air for the first time in my life,” he said. “When I saw the outline of the San Francisco Peaks, I knew I was home.” 

The last time Naylor visited Maricopa, he shared some facts from his book on turn-of-the-century photographers Ellsworth and Emery Kolb. 

MHS President Paul Shirk said the group was happy to see Naylor return.  

“He’s a friendly, humorous speaker,” he said. “He highlights the incredible diversity of the state and what we’ve got to offer, which a lot of people don’t realize until they move here.” 

Naylor shared that enthusiasm. 

“I was happy to come back again,” he told InMaricopa. “Even more so because one of the facts (in his new book) is about the Dwarf Car Museum.” 

Naylor briefly spoke about the museum sitting on Maricopa’s outskirts, adding that it helps make Arizona the “dwarf car capital of the world.” 

Naylor is the author of eight travel books, all but one focusing solely on the Grand Canyon State. He has also written for the Arizona State Visitor Guide, The Arizona Republic, The Guardian, USA Today and Arizona Highways 

“I’m always encouraging people there are places to seek out, so it’s really nice to encourage people to discover these places in Arizona,” he said.