WATCH: Teen’s first time driving car ends in DUI arrest

She remembered the White Claw but forgot to get a license.


Driver’s ed didn’t cover this — a Maricopa teen skipped the usual first-drive jitters and ended her behind-the-wheel debut with a DUI arrest.

InMaricopa unearthed bodycam footage and police reports from the unusual arrest of two minors in Maricopa last month.

The high-school couple guzzled more than gas before Mr. Right took his sweetheart out for her first driving lesson — but neither kid has a license.

Maricopa cops pulled over a suspicious Toyota Prius on White and Parker Road near Honeycutt Road late at night July 4. Although fireworks illuminated the sky, the car didn’t have working lights, according to the police report.

“Is this your first time driving a car?” the cop asks. “Yeah,” says Kaitlyn, whose last name was redacted from police documents.

Romeo and Juliet both denied drinking any potion, but after bombing a sobriety test, Kaitlyn admits to sipping on a White Claw.

The cop’s breathalyzer did little to back up her alibi as she blew nearly double the legal limit for adults.

The young lovers, each slurring and stumbling with “bloodshot and watery eyes,” were handcuffed and bussed to the Maricopa Police Station.

Proving some firsts are truly unforgettable, Kaitlyn’s foray into motor vehicle operation ended with cops lodging a grim rap sheet — charges of DUI, underage drinking, driving without a license and driving with no lights.

Her boyfriend was slapped with one count each of underage drinking and underage tobacco use after a hot pink Elf Bar vape slipped out of his pocket.

Watch the bodycam footage here: