Maricopa just might give Jack Skellington’s Halloween Town a run for its money this year.

Although Maricopa announced an end to its annual Mysterious Mansion Mayhem contest, the city government says it will still publish a map later this week of at least 50 spooky Halloween displays residents can encounter around town.

In the meantime, take a peek at the spectacles of Maricopa’s ghostliest, spine-chilling-est homes.

Also, here’s where you can see these Halloweeny homes for yourself:


Cradle Bay Children’s Sanitarium
[Bryan Mordt]
Cradle Bay Children’s Sanatorium in Alterra
45595 W. Keller Dr.

Nothing is quite as creepy as the idea of stepping into an abandoned sanatorium from yesteryear. One peek at this yard filled with creepy kids and their decrepit toys glowing purple, blue and green just might send a shiver up your spine.


[Bryan Mordt]
A Nightmare Before Christmas in Alterra
45084 W. Yucca Lane

If there’s any place in Maricopa that screams “this is Halloween,” it has to be this Nightmare Before Christmas themed home in Alterra.

A 12-foot Oogie Boogie and his henchmen tower over a Christmas-clothed Jack Skellington and macabre toys from the movie. You might even spot the snake that eats Santa!


An exterior view of Steve Hwang's Cobblestone home decorated as a haunted graveyard on Oct. 18, 2023. [Monica D. Spencer]
[Monica D. Spencer]
A very haunted graveyard in Cobblestone
44555 Garden Lane

Maricopa may not have its own haunted cemetery for you to explore during a full moon, but you’ll come close when checking this ghoulish graveyard in Cobblestone. Try not to get too scared when you move past the animatronics, which flashes lights, laugh and scream.


Haunting of West Rio Bravo
[Bryan Mordt]
The Haunting of West Rio Bravo in Rancho El Dorado
41353 W. Rio Bravo Dr.

What tops your list of spooky experiences? Witches? Spiders? Clowns? A walk through this Halloween display in Rancho El Dorado might make your hair stand on end with all these and more.

For the last five years, Daniel Ceyala has decorated his home with spooky imagery and said he especially enjoys seeing children’s reactions to the display.

“The kids get to see some cool animatronics, Halloween decorations and eat candy,” he said. “What’s better than that?”


Beetlejuice/Nightmare Before Christmas
[Bryan Mordt]
A Tim Burton lover’s dream in Rancho El Dorado
22517 N. Davis Way

Don’t say his name three times! Creep past the strange and unusual Beetlejuice decorations scattered around Tony Cruz’s home in Rancho El Dorado.

You may also spot some decorations featuring Oogie Boogie and other characters from another Burton film, The Nightmare Before Christmas.


[Lauren Thacker Perrigan}
A skeleton decorates his home in Rancho El Dorado
43204 Kramer Lane

Ever wonder what it would look like to see a skeleton decorate his home for the spooky season? Swing by this home in Rancho El Dorado for a peek at what that might look like.

Homeowner Lauren Thacker Perrigan said she loves “watching all the little goblins enjoy” the decorations.


Frankenstein laboratory (Rancho El Dorado)<br />22562 Reinbold Drive
[Bryan Mordt]
Frankenstein and co. return to Rancho El Dorado
22562 Reinbold Dr.

Frankenstein, his monster and plenty of other classic horror characters make a return at this Rancho El Dorado home.

Step into the mad scientist’s laboratory, complete with glowing machines, lasers, fog and a hypnotizing, spiraling projection.


[Aimee Schatz]
A witchy garden web in The Villages
44043 W. Lindgren Dr.

Scared of getting trapped in a giant spiderweb? Take a little extra precaution when you stop by this home in the Villages, which features a colorful yet spooky garden filled with spiders, skulls and pumpkins.

One of those giant spiders might be ready to take you home as prey!


A spooky, spooky Halloween
[Bryan Mordt]
A truly spooky Halloween in Glennwilde
42506 W. Arvada Lane

Looking for a classically spooky Halloween display? Nicole Thomas’s Glennwilde home features some seriously spooky sights, including a 12-foot skeleton ready to hover over future trick-or-treaters, a massive, winged demon and a scary, hairy werewolf.

“We really love seeing the kids get a kick out of our display each year,” Thomas said.


Dead come to life (Glennwilde)42587 W Cheyenne Drive
[Bryan Mordt]
The dead come to life in Glennwilde
42587 W. Cheyenne Dr.

Mummies, ghouls and glowing faces in bushes are just a few of the sights you’ll spot at this Glennwilde home in the days leading up to Halloween.

Just prepare yourself for finding the extra creepy corpse hiding in the fog.


An exterior view of Joseph Sanchez's Halloween decorations, which features a group of skeletons emerging from coffins and graves, on Oct. 18, 2023. [Monica D. Spencer]
[Monica D. Spencer]
Creep past a seriously skeletal cemetery in the Meadows
45571 W. Long Way

Wonder what a scary sight it might be to see skeletons emerge from coffins and graves?

Joseph Sanchez’s home in the Meadows shows off this spine-chilling sight with a horde of skeletons ready to terrorize trick-or-treaters.


[Courtesy Jerry Vida]
A spooky cemetery crypt in Rancho Mirage
37723 W. La Paz St.

The witches, werewolves and still-decaying skeletons peeking over fog and lights are just a few of the frights you’ll encounter at this Rancho Mirage home this Halloween.

Homeowner Jerry Vida said he goes all out with projections, sounds and fog to show off his custom decorations.

“I just like being in the spirit of it and enjoy bringing my visions to reality,” he told InMaricopa.


Scorpions, skeletons, baby dolls, spiders and spiderwebs cover the yard of this Sorrento home on Mediterranean Way. [Courtesy of Kama Marsh]
Spiders overtake a home graveyard in Sorrento
36977 W. Mediterranean Way

All things creepy and crawly were spotted around this Sorrento home.

You’ll spot massive scorpions and spiders covering a small graveyard filled with skeletons and ominous baby dolls. Try not to get caught in all those spiderwebs!