Maricopa outgrew yearly Halloween contest, city says

Halloween 2022 [Bryan Mordt]

Maricopa outgrew its annual Halloween decorating contest this year, according to the city. 

Mysterious Mansion Mayhem was a yearly event where Maricopans could enter to win cash prizes. It was a contest to see who had the spookiest skeletons, cobwebs and gravestones decorating their home. 

In 2007, the city’s parks and rec department announced the first annual Mysterious Mansion Mayhem event. It has been a Maricopa tradition since. 

“In that time, it has evolved a number of times with the changing needs and size of the community,” said city spokesperson Quinn Konold. 

This year, however, Mysterious Mansion Mayhem sees its biggest change yet. Nore more contest, no more prizes — because the city has simply outgrown the event. 

“Last year, we had so much interest in participation that the event was capped and staff spent considerable time executing the contest portion of the event,” Konold said. “Instead of holding a decorating contest, the city will focus on facilitating the map showcasing the decorated homes and on marketing of the event.” 

Konold said more than 50 homeowners have expressed interest so far this year.