Changes large and small are coming to Maricopa’s zoning codes.

Planning Manager Rick Williams highlighted a handful of proposed city code changes during Monday’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

More than 30 amendments to the city’s zoning codes — which includes removal and addition of code that affects businesses and residents — are located in city documents. It’s a lot of reading but here are a few of the highlights of code changes.

Boarding kennel regulations

Section 18.80.030 adds regulations for establishments looking to board and train pets in commercial zoning areas. This includes operating hours and requirements for dog runs and exercise areas.

It’s likely this section was added for the impending opening of Petco, which offers training and boarding services.

Special permits for mobile merchants

Section 18.120.170 notes that a special event permit is needed for mobile merchants — think food truck vendors — to operate in a residential area. It will be up to the merchant or the property owner to get that permit.

Extended public hearing notifications

Section 18.140.060 extends the maximum time period for mailing notices about public hearings from 30 days before the public hearing to 45 days before.

Using desert-friendly plants

Several sections make additions to encourage using drought-tolerant, indigenous plants in residential landscaping.

Encourages rainwater harvesting in landscaping

Several sections also add language that encourages rainwater harvesting in residential and commercial areas. This includes recommendations for porous paving and designing retention basins and curb cuts that promote rainwater harvesting.

Requirements in landscape maintenance

Section 18.90.060 outlines requirements for landscape maintenance for owners, developers and HOAs. This includes information on minimum maintenance requirements, stormwater management and replacing dead trees.

Changes to the commission’s requirements

Section 18.135.030 has an addition that notes the requirements for members of the Planning and Zoning Commission, including the eligibility of members, terms and action for resignation or removal.