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InMaricopa leverages its unmatched breadth and depth of market-leading services to:

  • Communicate your message to current and potential customers
  • Generate new customers and make you more money
  • Help you stand out from your competition
  • Enhance your company’s brand awareness and credibility
  • Leverage many resources to support your marketing campaign
  • Develop a marketing campaign that has your specific target in mind, fits your budget, uses the right media to reach your prospective customer and chooses the most effective message and visuals for your brand


InMaricopa serves a market of 60,000-plus people in the city of Maricopa and neighboring rural areas, providing advertisers:

  • Tens of thousands of potential customers
  • Current, future and prospective Maricopa residents
  • Household decision makers
  • Every household and business in 85138 and 85139 ZIP codes


InMaricopa boasts the market’s No. 1 print publication, No. 1 website and No. 1 social media presence. Here’s a sample of InMaricopa’s market dominance via its Facebook engagement.


InMaricopa provides its magazine advertisers total market coverage, direct-mailing to every household and business in the 85138 and 85139 ZIP codes. This area includes all of the city of Maricopa plus outlying, rural areas. Click to see the city of Maricopa’s demographics and see below who follows InMaricopa on Facebook (hint: It’s predominantly household decision-makers!). Contact our staff to learn more about who reads our other digital and print products.

Advertising Specs

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Monthly Magazine: Space by 12th of prior month, creative to spec by 15th

2022 Health Guide: Space by Sept. 5, creative to spec by Sept. 7

2022 Maricopa Virtual Academy: Contact advertising@inmaricopa.com for more information.

2023 New Resident & Visitor Guide: Space by Nov. 15, creative to spec by Dec. 1

2022 Maricopa High School Graduation Program: Contact advertising@inmaricopa.com for more information.

Most Everything Else (website, social, email, text, NRVG inserts, etc.): Give us a week if you can, and we’ll do our best to accommodate more urgent needs.


Your Team

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Maricopa-owned and operated since 2004.


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    Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your company’s marketing, sales and PR goals!

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    Our Advertisers Know Us Best

    “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”

    – Steuart Henderson Britt