Do you see a new splash of color near Alterra? 

Three new “wild horses” — equine statues decorated by local artists   — were installed at West Alterra and North John Wayne Parkways yesterday morning. 

Mai May Talwing painted “Koolines from Fiji,” a piece that was sponsored by Kooline Plumbing.  

Maria Pour painted “Maricopa Ties” and Troy Talmadge painted “Earth Spirit.” City officials left a vacant spot for a fourth horse. 

“This is kind of a first, one of the only times so many horses are put in one spot,” said Luis Vila, communications coordinator for the city. He added that the city received a request to install the trio together. 

It only happened once before when a group of unpainted wild horses was installed at North John Wayne Parkway and West Smith-Enke Road.

The pieces, which round out the second batch of “wild horses,” were originally unveiled Feb. 15 last year. 

“Currently, there are no plans to do another batch,” city spokesperson Brandon LaVorgna said.  

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View photos of the horses: