Gallery: Nine more wild horses to roam the city

New wild horse "Vivacity" [Bryan Mordt]

Last year, on March 18, City Manager Rick Horst unveiled an arts initiative called “Maricopa Wild Horses,” Ten sculptures of horses decorated by local artists were presented to the public that day, which would later be placed at various locations around the city.

This Tuesday, February 15, nine more horses were unveiled to the public at city hall, decorated by local artists these horses will soon be roaming with the others.

As this is the second round of horses, additional ones will follow, there are plans to have 50 or more of these wild roamers around town.

Here are the nine horses from the second round:

Ak-Chins Finest

Artist: Diane Cornish

Traversing Time

Artist: Kristal C. Coles

Sponsor: Suz’s Cruises

Location: Maricopa Historical Society Museum

Mouth of the Arroyo

Artist: Pam Robb

Maricopa Ties

Artist: Maria Pour

Gila River Runner

Artist: Bonnie del Turro

Sponsor: Mike Ingram, El Dorado Holdings

Location: Silver Horizon Zephyr Railcar at Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway


Artist: Sheena Cryer

Sponsor: Global Water Resources

Location: Global Water Resources at 22590 Powers Parkway

Mi Familia

Artist: Zeya Suchite

Earth Spirit

Artist: Troy Talmadge

Koolines from Fiji

Artist: Mai May Tallwing

Sponsor: Kooline Plumbing