BODYCAM: Backyard intruder gets busted

Maricopa police arrested Christopher W. Allen last month.
Maricopa police arrested Christopher W. Allen last month.

This guy gave Humpty Dumpty a run for his yolks — he climbed, he fell, and Maricopa’s finest said, “You’re under arrest.”

Remember this fairytale redux from last month? InMaricopa recently obtained bodycam footage of the arrest.

Cops hit Christopher W. Allen, 55, with two counts of felony trespass and a littering charge after he galivanted through the backyards of folks in the Desert Cedars neighborhood and left his trail of breadcrumbs — ahem, garbage, along the way.

Christopher W. Allen[Pinal County Sheriff's Office]
Christopher W. Allen
[Pinal County Sheriff’s Office]
The suspected snooper twice tried and failed to climb over a wall and evade justice. The fresh bodycam footage adds some exciting new turns to our tale.

Allen tells cops he moved to Maricopa just five days earlier from Alabama. Our little desert town “kinda reminds me of Africa,” he astutely observes.

The cop schools Allen on how locals deal with a break-in: “You’re gonna get blasted. This is the Wild, Wild West. People are armed to the teeth.”

Allen denies getting high, but bodycam reveals weed pens and dab rigs tumbling from his pockets. He tells cops the mailman looks suspicious.

En route to the Florence jail, the paranoia amplifies. Allen tangles with a broom and water bottles in the backseat before concluding an animal is chasing him… inside the cage-end of the cruiser.

Watch the whole encounter here: