Trespasser who climbed wall had great fall, cops say

Christopher Allen

Not all intruders are as graceful as George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven, a lesson Maricopa cops learned Friday. 

The Maricopa Police Department nabbed an alleged trespasser who twice tried and failed to climb over a wall and evade justice. The less-than-eco-conscious crook even littered while snooping through strangers’ backyards, according to a probable cause statement obtained by InMaricopa detailing the incident. 

Officers arrested 55-year-old Christopher W. Allen on multiple felony trespassing charges. But not before he made like Humpty Dumpty and twice toppled over a residential wall, video footage reveals. 

Just before 3 p.m., police were called to North Soft Wind Drive in Desert Cedars after a woman reported a was man trying to climb the brick wall from her next-door neighbor’s yard into her own yard. 

Officers located a man who matched the woman’s description near North Soft Wind Drive and West Windrose Drive. Officers identified him as Allen and detained him while they reviewed footage provided by the woman. 

In the footage, Allen was seen trying to climb from the inside of the neighboring home’s backyard. He allegedly moved trash bins and tried to use them to get over the wall. Allen was seen climbing to the top of the wall before officers said he had balance issues and toppled over. 

After his first failure at getting over the wall, Allen was caught relocating to a second trash bin. He was seen throwing his backpack on top of the wall, then hopping on himself. It wasn’t long before Allen toppled back into the yard he started from. The video ended. 

Allen was booked into Pinal County jail on two felony trespassing charges. To add insult to injury — Allen picked up a littering charge after he allegedly dropped a disposable lid and straw in one of the yards during the debacle.

Homeowners at both homes told officers they wanted to press charges. 

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