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Friday, December 1, 2023
Should InMaricopa have a tip jar on its conference room table for advertising clients and prospects to grease the palms of its advertising reps or, worse yet, ownership? Here, Bartle toys with this hyperbolic question.

Shop owners in ‘desperate need’ of local patronage

The small business owners are in desperate need of your patronage. I am sure you have noticed and have concerns over the recent number of small business closures. The impact of these closures have far reaching ramifications beyond the obvious inconvenience of not having specific merchandise or services available within Maricopa.

Chief Kelleher — Thoughts on 9/11

The sixth anniversary of September 11, 2001, approaches. As a former New York City Firefighter and the Maricopa Fire Chief, I consider that event and what has transpired since that fateful day.

DeKeyser – Swarms make messy democracy work

The cover story in a recent edition of National Geographic talks about how insect colonies, hooved herds and flocks of birds manage to make individual decisions and actions that work out best for the group.

Engineer/Paramedic Schulz – Classes all parents should take

This series of articles looked at statistical information about drowning incidents, the ABCs of Water Safety and now looks ahead to additional measures for preventing this type of tragic event from occurring.

Ward: Maricopa — the good, the bad and the ugly

We are a family. Granted, quite the dysfunctional one at this point, but a family nonetheless.

Supervisor Snider: August is school starting, transportation and tax news

The month of August is starting with a bang: not only is school back in session (parents are happy while many children are not sure!), but there are several other events that are also worthy of mention.

Fire Department’s Schulz: Barriers — Using layers of protection for your family

"I have a pool fence around my pool; I'm safe." "It can't happen to me; I watch my kids." These phrases are signs of complacency, and everyone needs reminding that safety is an evolving mentality that must change and that everyone must constantly adjust to their surroundings.

Councilman Estes responds to allegations, recall

Councilman Joseph Estes responds to recent conflict of interest allegations and submission of a recall petition.

An open letter to Mayor Kelly Anderson

It's been quite a summer, huh? There's a lot going on in the city and lots of attention on your City Council and staff. You joked last week that 85239 was keeping you guys busy; rest assured, your folks are keeping us hopping as well.

Engineer/Paramedic Schulz: Adult Supervision just the beginning of water safety

Learning and practicing water safety is as easy as A, B, C... Adult Supervision, Barriers, Classes.

Sheriff Vasquez: “When children kill”

Not so long ago the biggest problem kids faced was getting a flat tire on their bikes or having a mean teacher assign homework...

Leave it on or turn it off?

The reason that there are differing opinions on this topic is usually because everyone has a different reason for either leaving the computer on or turning it off.

Maricopa Fire Department Paramedic Schulz: Water safety…truly is a family affair

With August, National Drowning Impact Awareness Month, approaching, I wanted to take this time to bring attention to a national campaign that involves drowning awareness.

DeKeyser: Let’s hear from you, Maricopa

How to write a column for inmaricopa.com.

Bartle: Elected officials need to take a stand

City Council needs to communicate to the residents about the decisions they make and why they make them.

Chief Kelleher on creating a culture in the workplace

Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by that here, obedient to their law, we lie. -- Simonides's epigram at Thermopylae ...

Bridwell: Pinal County’s Plan for the Future ‘a recipe for continued disaster’

The $272,000 Pinal Plan for the Future was a huge disappointment and one more colossal waste of hard-earned taxpayer money. Its only value was...

Taxes in Pinal County and citizens making a difference

In light of the fact that our summer has landed on us with a vengeance, I thought I'd start this month's column with a...

TIA: This is Africa

On May 3, my wife Lisa and I set out on an experience that would rock our world. We left behind the Western world and entered into a culture where the comforts we take so much granted had now become luxuries.

Jackson: Buss should be thanked for job well done

Much has been made regarding City Manager Rick Buss' decision to step down from his current position to that of an Assistant City Manager position.

Sheriff on American citizenship as a gift, not a giveaway

The problem posed by the presence of millions of illegal aliens in our midst has no easy and immediate practical solution.

Summer heat-related safety tips

Summer heat-related safety tips

Two views: Two residents’ opinions about MUSD controversies

Two views: Two residents' opinions about MUSD controversies