Anyone driving in and out of the Santa Rosa Crossings neighborhood knows the pain of waiting at train crossings.

While residents await the early fall opening of the Santa Rosa Bridge for secondary access to the neighborhood, the city is urging residents to report any incidents of train waits longer than 10 minutes at Porter Road.

The city cites Arizona Administrative Code 14-5-104(7)(8), which reads, “trains are not allowed to block public grade crossings for more than 10 continuous minutes, except in cases of continuous movement, wrecks, derailments, acts of nature, mechanical failure, or other emergency conditions.”

Reporting each incident helps the city to notify authorities about issues with traffic flow, said city Communications and Cultural Services Director Quinn Konold.

“Awareness from the public will allow our dispatchers to track blockages and make appropriate notifications to the railroad company, the Arizona Corporation Commission, and the Federal Railroad Administration, as well as alert MPD officers to assist with traffic control and enforcement,” Konold said.

Residents who experience a wait longer than 10 minutes are encouraged to contact Maricopa Police Department’s non-emergency line at 520-568-3673 or Union Pacific Railroad at 800-848-8715.