Daranne Tacker, Employee Award of Excellence

The City of Maricopa presented Awards of Excellence to outstanding employees during Tuesday’s regular meeting of the council.

Daranne Tacker, Smartgov System Analyst

“Since her re-hire more than a year ago with the City, Daranne has tackled her position with a vengeance, learning a new system, training co-workers, studying for certifications, all while displaying excellent customer service. Daranne is always courteous and patient with customers who come into City Hall as well as on the phone. Her service to the public, dedication, hard work, and contributions to the SmartGov program are an asset to Development Services and the positive image she portrays for the City of Maricopa.”

Adriana Carpio, Deputy City Clerk

“Adriana is an exceptional employee worthy of this award. She provides exceptional customer service to both our internal and external customers. She is very reliable and dependable. She always helps everyone with a positive attitude, a smile on her face and most importantly for our department, with high ethical standards. Adriana is committed to the job, the organization and the community and I am honored to nominate her for this award. She is a true asset to the City Clerk’s Office and most importantly, the City of Maricopa.”

Robert Eberwein, Maintenance Worker

“Robert takes on a great deal of responsibility as a p/t staff member. He keeps the pool up and running over the weekends. Because of his construction background, Robert takes on minor construction, painting and remodeling projects at Copper Sky Facilities during off hours allowing minimal interruption to members and park patrons. If park maintenance staff is shorthanded on Sundays, Robert has no problems jumping in a helping with trash & litter, getting ballfields prepped and/or Ramada’s ready for a rental. Robert has a great attitude about his work, Copper Sky and the City. If any issues arise, Robert’s knowledge and quick learning skills has made him the go-to person on Sundays.”

Public Safety
Josh Eads, Fire Engineer (Not Present)

“Josh has demonstrated outstanding performance and dedication in helping the Fire Department with public safety awareness and wildland firefighting. Josh Eads has been involved with the Fire Pal organization since its inception in 2009. Since then he has been appointed program coordinator and has chaired the position since 2012. During his tenure, the Fire-Pals program has expanded to all public and private schools within the City. He was also successful in implementing Water Safety Week for first graders using a curriculum provided by the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. As Chair and coordinator for the Wildland Urban Interface program, Engineer Eads is responsible for in-house training, outfitting, and state compliance of our 13 wildland firefighters.”