Mohammed Nazeem

Mohammed and Farzana Nazeem are Maricopa business owners. Both are from Fiji, and Mohammed is a licensed plumber.

Hometown: Ba, Fiji Islands
Maricopan since: September 2010
Occupation: Business owner and licensed residential and commercial plumber.
Family: My wife Farzana Nazeem is the co-owner of Kooline Plumbing, married for 11 years with two wonderful children.
Cars: Scion FRS-TRD
Hobbies: Playing soccer and watching TV.
Pet peeve: Someone using electronics with the volume too high.
Dream vacation: The Island of Jamaica.
Like most about Maricopa: I am from a small town and I love the small-town feel.
Like least about Maricopa: Lacking the entertainment and restaurant sector, once we have more of those, we will never leave town.

Favorite …
: I am the President of Yasin’s Charitable Trust, an organization that was created for the underprivileged people in Fiji, which is a third-world country.
Book: “The Shadowless Prophet”
Movie: Slum Dog Millionaire
Actor: Irfan Khan
Song: “Could You Be Loved”
Musician: Bob Marley
Team: AZ Cardinals
Athlete: Usain Bolt
Food: Indian Food
Drink: Tea
Meal: Rice/Roti and curry
Restaurant: Fleming’s Steakhouse
Getaway: Rocky Point, Mexico
Quote: “Strong people don’t put others down….They lift them up”- Michael P. Watson
Words to live by: “See the bad inside yourself, and see the good inside others”- Imam Ali (A.S)
Anything else we should know? I was born and raised in Fiji Islands. I know a lot of people ask me, why Arizona. I met my wife, who is originally from Fiji as well and has been a resident of Maricopa, for the last 14 years. We got married and I moved here. At first it was very difficult, I didn’t know anyone, there was no soccer leagues in Maricopa back then. I have adjusted well over the years and made Maricopa home and I am excited for all the new business and development as it provides opportunities for all of us. Thank you for choosing Kooline Plumbing Maricopa.

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