Ghost hunters share local encounters

Jamie Veik and Laura Davis speak to a captivated audience about their paranormal investigations for the Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society on Oct. 28, 2023. [Monica D. Spencer]

There’s no better time for ghost hunting than Halloween, and no better place than Maricopa.

Members of the Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society shared some haunting evidence of ghosts and other paranormal beings with a captivated audience in the Maricopa Library and Cultural Center Saturday afternoon.

The two-hour presentation featured ample audio and video evidence the group collected from locations around Arizona over the years, such as the historic Gila County jail, the Gilbert Historical Museum and the Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix.

The evidence included some homes in Maricopa, said investigator Jamie Veik.

“About 95% of our investigations are in private homes,” he said. “We’ve done about six homes in Maricopa.”

The presentation drew a diverse crowd of about three dozen, including six-year Maricopa resident Cheryl Harvey.

She said curiosity stemming from her own ghostly encounters drew her to the event.

“I’m not a true believer in ghosts but I’ve had some experiences when my mom died,” Harvey said. “Who knows what goes on in the afterlife? It’s just interesting to hear a story or hear about investigations.”