Health inspector rates 4 eateries satisfactory, 2 excellent


 Inspectors from Pinal County Environmental Services found violations at four of the establishments they visited May 31-June 15. Two were given an excellent rating. 


Dells’ Express Pizza (inspected June 2) 

TT’s Catering (inspected June 2) 



Aliberto’s Mexican Food (inspected May 31) 

  • Date marking: Several open containers of shredded beef, rolled tacos, beef broth and soup in cooler without date marks 
  • Cooling: Temperature of cooked and blended salsa in cooler 77-78°F (<41°F required)   

Honeycutt Coffee (inspected June 2) 

  • Expired date marks: Open container of cut turkey in cooler with expired date mark.
  • Damage to surfaces: Tile countertop near drip station damaged.
  • Maintenance of equipment: No drain line in drink line jockey box; dripping into bucket.
  • Cleanliness of walls: Wall at drink station damaged.

Native Grill & Wings (inspected June 2) 

  • Cold holding: Temperature of lettuce in prep cooler 58-61°F (<41°F required).
  • Cooling methods: Temperature of lettuce in walk-in cooler 49-53°F (<41°F required).
  • Identifying containers: Five chemical spray bottles in kitchen and bar without labels or labeled incorrectly.
  • Equipment: Handle on slicer held together with electrical tape.

The New HQ (inspected June 2) 

  • Cold holding: Temperature of cooked sausage in prep cooler 63°F (<41°F required).
  • Hot holding: Temperatures of cooked ground pork and beef in stove 97-102°F (>135°F required).
  • Cooling methods: Cut cabbage/slaw in closed bucket in walk-in cooler; should be in a shallow pan to chill quickly.
  • Cleanliness of walls: Wall behind sink severely damaged.

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