Mural of the story: Desert fresco spiffs up museum

"By the Trail" by Mauriel "Mory" Morejon. [Brian Petersheim Jr.]

UPDATE July 28, 2023, 2:23 p.m.: According to LaVorgna, the city commissioned the mural for $3,300 as part of its Public Arts Initiative, which is funded by taxpayer dollars.

ORIGINAL STORY July 24, 2023, 10:04 a.m.: Have you noticed a new splash of color on Plainview Street? 

What was once an inconspicuous blank wall has been given new life. A chromatic mural now clothes one side of the Maricopa Museum and Visitor Center. 

“By the Trail” was painted by local artist Mauriel “Mory” Morejon, who completed the emblematically Arizonan landscape in just two hours yesterday. 

The mural depicts a pioneering trail through Maricopa and faces the Estrella Mountains, dotted with blooming flowers and wandering horses. 

It joined two painted wild horses at Heritage Park that were installed last October. 

Artwork has been popping up around the city, including painted wild horses and traffic-signal boxes as a part of the city’s arts initiative

“We hope to add similar murals in the future around Maricopa to help continue beautifying the area,” said Brandon LaVorgna, a spokesperson for the city.