After two and a half years of planning, Petco is finally ready to unveil its highly anticipated store in Maricopa.

General Manager Stacia Boateng confirmed the doors of the 12,500-square-foot pet retail giant will swing open Monday, Nov. 13, offering a variety of services to pet owners.

The new Petco store, located in the Edison Pointe center, will boast pet grooming facilities, a veterinary hospital and dog training services.

Petco will host an adoption event Saturday, Nov. 18. This event will provide an opportunity for prospective pet parents to adopt cats and dogs.

Petco’s Maricopa store will also include Vetco Total Care, a full-service veterinarian hospital set to open in January, according to Boateng.

Vetco Total Care will offer comprehensive pet care services ranging from routine exams to emergency surgeries.

Petco is the nation’s second-largest pet retailer, with more than 1,500 stores across the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico including 48 in Arizona.