Some say Maricopa has too many Mexican restaurants. But with so many options, who serves the tastiest Mexican fare in town? 

Competition is tight — so InMaricopa put it to the readers this week to find an answer. More than 1,300 readers voted for their favorite among 14 Mexican eateries. 

One in 5 readers said Maricopa’s newest lunch counter had the rest beat. Carniceria Sonora grabbed nearly 300 votes. The butcher and grocery opened earlier this year. 

A close second, Cilantro’s Mexican Cocina garnered 18% of the vote at just under 250 votes. In 2015, readers named it “best taco in Maricopa” in another InMaricopa poll. 

Third place fell behind the pack with 1 in 10 readers saying Plaza Bonita Family Mexican Restaurant serves the best fillings. 

Several other restaurants and food trucks claimed fewer than 10 percent of the votes. 

Aliberto’s Mexican Food and Sonora Hot Dogs & Tacos both earned 8% of votes, followed by Burrito Loco Sos (7%) and Francisco’s Mexican Food (6%). 

One in 20 people voted for Rili B’s Taco Shop, Tacos N More and Taqueria La Rocka. 

The restaurants with the fewest votes were Headquarters and Taco Bell, which both gathered 3% of votes, Chipotle Mexican Grill (2%) and Mariscos Mi Gusto (<1%).