Food inspectors visited 11 eateries this week and found two weren’t up to temp. 

Health inspectors handed out nine “excellent” ratings this week and dinged an elementary school and pizzeria, according to Pinal County Environmental Health. 

Pima Butte Elementary School and Rosati’s Pizza need to turn up the heat to earn an “excellent” rating next time around, the inspectors found. 

Here is a list of all restaurants inspectors visited from Feb 1 to Feb. 8: 



Butterfield Elementary (inspected Feb. 8) 

Dell’s Pizza & Wings Express (inspected Feb. 6) 

Desert Sunrise High School (inspected Feb. 8) 

Fry’s Marketplace — Deli (inspected Feb. 8) 

IHOP (inspected Feb. 6) 

Jersey Mike’s Subs (inspected Feb. 8) 

Maricopa Wells Middle School (inspected Feb. 8) 

Santa Rosa Elementary (inspected Feb. 8) 

Walmart — Deli (inspected Feb. 6) 



Pima Butte Elementary (inspected Feb. 6) 

Hot water availability: Hot water not available at hand sink or three compartment sinks. Manager to heat water on stove until repairs can be made. Hand sinks must maintain water at least at 100 degrees, and three compartment sinks require at least 110 degrees. 


Rosati’s Pizza (inspected Feb. 8) 

Hot holding: Temperatures of sauce in double boiler pan in steam well between 122 and 125 degrees. At least 165 degrees required. 

Time control: Open container of cooked sausage in walk in cooler had expired date mark. Portioned bags of pasta in container had expired date mark. 

Equipment repair: Gaskets on pizza prep cooler damaged and were accumulating a build-up of black organic material. 

Equipment cleaning: Build up of debris on non-food contact surfaces of the upright mixer, walls around dough making area and inside the pizza prep cooler. 

Ventilation: Heavy buildup of dust around the air vents above open food prep areas.